Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

chord gitar secondhand serenade only hope

Intro: D   A   Bm    G

[Verse 1]

(chords: D A Bm G)
My beating heart is getting tired
tonight it feels like it's on fire
and I'm driving all alone
my hand is on my phone
waiting for you to call me
please pick up the phone and call me
cause I'm lonely and my mind is aching
can't you see I'm for the taking


(chords: D A Bm G-A)
You are my only hope
but youre so far
(chords: D A Bm G)
and you are my only hope
so come back home
from where you are

D A Bm G

[Verse 2]

I see your face on everyone
like the constant beating of the sun
right on my skin(1stchords.com)
I'm suffering without you
I'm tired i reach for my stereo
it's starting to sound real close to home
and I cant bear
to sleep here without you

[Chorus repeated]

     G       Bm
from where you are

    Bm     G
Just come back home
from where you are
just come back home
            D                    A
Sometimes I feel like I was mistaken
you must be an angel
sit down and teach me what life was all about
D                  A
I see myself changing
no longer a stranger
you gave me a reason to never die

[Chorus repeated]

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